Professional Development has never been more important for AURIL members.

Universities, Colleges and Public Sector Research Establishments (PSREs) increasingly have to demonstrate their impact, either in economic or social terms.  Employing organisations’ structures and strategies evolve, national policies alter and the economic downturn undermines business confidence. All of them affect members’ activities.

AURIL has been at the forefront of professional development in the sector since 2001 and continues to strive for a higher profile both for individual members of AURIL and for Knowledge Exchange as a profession.

Professional Development Definition

"The holistic commitment to personal skills enhancement and professional competence in knowledge creation, development and exchange.” 

Professional Development Activities

AURIL recognises 8 generic activities which contribute to members’ professional development. Find out more.

Professional Development Framework

An AURIL and JISC joint venture, supported by the major organisations in the sector and by large numbers of AURIL members, has developed an interactive online professional development framework.

The framework defines the landscape in which members work, the context in which they operate, the benefits they deliver, the common processes they use, and the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for success.

It is designed to be a useful tool for members’ personal professional development, establishing their current standing through an online diagnostic tool and enhancing skills development. There is access to a wide range of training and development resources linked to a social network for informal exchanges of ideas, information and good practice.

The framework can also be used as a practical aid for organisational recruitment, appraisals and annual reviews, long term career planning and for strategic or capacity planning.

There are currently some technical issues that are preventing access to the online toolkit. we are working to resolve these as quickly as possible and hope to have a solution soon. 

Online Professional Development Framework - BACK SOON

A hard copy of the framework is available to DOWNLOAD HERE