AURIL2017 Annual Conference
5th and 6th October 2017


Bristol Marriott Royal
College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TA 

Contact: Fiona Lees
  0141 548 4754

State Aid in Research, Development and Innovation: A Guide for Universities

Produced by AURIL and PraxisUnico in conjunction with Blake Morgan LLP and Northwood Reid.

State Aid. It’s a fairly innocuous sounding term, which belies its importance and the potential consequences for those who ignore its implications. We suggest that the sector should be paying more attention to this issue and an understanding of the basic principles is likely to facilitate improved decision making by academics and senior managers who are active in the innovation space.

This guide was prepared in order to inform universities which are active in R&D and innovation about State Aid legislation in order that any associated risks can be assessed and mitigated. Our intention is to encourage research, development and innovation – and hence economic growth - by demystifying the regulations and providing examples (case studies) which resonate with the higher education sector. Ultimately, the State Aid regulations exist and need to be complied with, but there are broad exemptions such as the GBER which provide universities with a great deal of freedom to operate effectively.

Download the full guide here.